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INFOFISH Trade News provides market analysis, covering supply and demand trends, short and medium-term forecast and prices in the major and potential markets worldwide.

INFOFISH International

INFOFISH International, the long-lasting bimonthly magazine distributed globally since 1981, is also included as a complimentary copy to subscribers of the fortnightly INFOFISH Trade News.

European Fish Price Report (EPR)

EPR is a monthly bulletin with comprehensive coverage on European markets. Produced by FAO-Globefish, EPR reports on market trends and prices for cold water as well as tropical species namely cod, hake, Alaska pollack, herring, farmed salmon/trout, European sea bass/sea bream, tuna, tropical shrimp and cephalopods and more.

GLOBEFISH Seafood Highlights (GSH)

This commodity report outlines annual trends and outlook on shrimp, tuna, groundfish, cephalopods, small pelagics, fishmeal, and fish oil. Also features country news, industry notes on product development and other trade-related topics of general interest.

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Intergovernmental Organisation for Marketing Information and Technical Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Asia and Pacific Region.

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