Wide support given to agreement between Govt and IPNLF to promote tuna fisheries certification

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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 14:23

INDONESIA : The Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) have ratified a joint agreement backing MSC certification of Indonesian one-by-one tuna fisheries.


The deal ratification took place at this year’s 3rd Bali Tuna Conference (BTC) and 6th International Coastal Tuna Business Forum (ICTBF).  

The deal seeks to ensure the following:  

  • To preferentially source MSC-certified one-by-one tuna over non-certified tuna from Indonesia’s tuna fisheries;
  • Continued cooperation to build a common understanding on the importance of MSC certification for stakeholders;
  • To prioritise work steams and activities to further accelerate the MSC process; To promote the value of MSC certification;
  • To strengthen collaboration and commitments and continue knowledge sharing.  

A total of 14 IPNLF Member companies, Anova US, Fish Tales, Followfood, Frinsa, Green World Company, Migros, MMP LLC, Ocean Brands, Sainsbury’s, Salica, Sea Delight, Tri Marine, Tuna Solutions and World Wise Foods, declared support for the agreement between MMAF and IPNLF.

“Everyone that is living in the coastal [community] must have the benefit of their resources… Indonesian companies have to commit to traceability and certification, because without certification we cannot sell [tuna] for a premium price,” pointed out Indonesia’s Minister of MMAF, Susi Pudjiastuti.  

For his part, Zulficar Mochtar, Director General of Capture Fisheries for MMAF, stressed that through the deal, both the Ministry and IPNLF acknowledge each other’s objective in pursuing MSC for one-by-one tuna fisheries, for the sustainability of the fisheries, security of markets, premium price of tuna products, reputation enhancement and future opportunities.

Source: FIS

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