Seafood Packaging that Convinces Squeamish Shoppers

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 06:44

AUSTRALIA : With a huge variety of fish now available

to purchase in the grocery store, it's no surprise that buying seafood can be overwhelming.

More squeamish shoppers are put off by the way fish smells and looks, and the idea of messy handling. The good news is that for these shoppers, their aversion to handling raw fish can be combatted with the right packaging. Amcor provides specialised packaging for fish and seafood offering skin films, VSP and MAP packaging solutions to keep fish and seafood fresher for longer.

According to findings from the European Market Observatory for Fisheries and Aquaculture Products, today’s consumer wants the convenience and ease of preparing fish but are primarily looking to buy a product that will give them the nutrition they need.

Almost a third (30%) of fresh fish shoppers claim that they would “go without” if they can’t find the quality they want. With quality being more important to fresh fish shoppers than price and promotions, packaging that clearly demonstrates quality should capture the modern consumer’s attention and encourage them to spend more. For example, SkinTite® seafood packaging, which has a second skin effect that allows consumers to easily see and touch the product.


Out of all the proteins available, fish is seen as the “scariest” by shoppers. It is up to seafood professionals to demystify the misconceptions surrounding fish. Shoppers say that the way seafood looks, sometimes with head and eyes included, is the main reason they are afraid to purchase seafood.

Additionally, handling and preparing seafood in conjunction with not understanding how to cook fish makes seafood too much effort for many shoppers. Brands must educate consumers with clear and simple labelling that grabs their attention and demystifies the process of selecting and cooking fresh fish.

Packages that allow in-pack cooking are particularly attractive to hesitant consumers. For example, OvenRite® provides convenience by enabling prepared seafood to be taken straight from retail shelf and into the oven without the consumer ever having to touch it.

Understanding what is preventing shoppers from purchasing seafood (convenience, lack of inspiration, lack of information etc.) is key to coming up with solutions for seafood that is more accessible. Particularly at a time when sustainability is driving purchasing behavior.

Ensuring that packaging uses less plastic and has clear, easy to understand labeling substantiated by third party certification will help prevent any confusion caused by vague language and confusing terminology.


Shoppers want to understand that their fish has been ethically farmed, sourced and packaged. Brands and retailers that offer this kind of transparency via packaging like SkinNova®, which uses 70% less plastic than conventional MAP packaging and offers natural looking presentation, will win.

And for squeamish shoppers in particular, there is the option of a packaging solution like OvenRite®, which gives consumers the option of eating healthy, fresh fish without the need to handle it.


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