The PNA captured a Portuguese flag fishing trawler operating illegally in the EEZ waters

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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 22:41

It is a ship dedicated to trawling.

It was detected in the middle of the fishing task, within waters under national jurisdiction, when it was identified by the Coast Guard Ship of the Prefecture GC-27 Prefect Fique, the offending vessel changed its course to international waters, without ceasing its fishing tasks, starting its persecution, in accordance with the guidelines established in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (CONVEMAR).

The procedure began at 07:54 today, when the crew of the coast guard who carried out a patrol and maritime surveillance in tasks of preservation and custody of the fishing resources of our country, detected in fishing tasks Calvao fishing vessel (Portugal flag).

Once the detention procedure started, the offending ship did not initially comply with the orders of the Maritime Authority, continuing to navigate with its nets in the water in the direction of international waters, for which the Prefecture began the persecution.

Immediately, the Coast Guard implemented the Action Protocol for Surface Units, after which the fishing vessel lifted its fishing gear and finally after approximately four hours of pursuit, stopped its march, allowing boarding by the Visiting Crew of the Coast Guard.

Calvao was detected at 199.75 nautical miles from the coast, in accordance with the provisions of the Baseline Law, at the height of the Rio Negro city of San Antonio Oeste.

Currently, the Visiting Staff is on board the ship carrying out the corresponding procedures. It is planned to drive it to the Port of Bahía Blanca, escorted by the Coast Guard Fique and with Prefectural personnel on board.

Summary administrative and judicial proceedings were initiated for alleged infringement of the Federal Fisheries Regime, Law 24.922 and for resistance to authority when undertaking the flight.

The Federal Court of First Instance of the City of Viedma, in charge of the Federal Subrogant Judge Dr. Hugo Horacio Greca, intervenes in the act.



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