SERNAPESCA announces special measures for certification of sardine and anchovy landings

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Friday, 27 March 2020 10:23

CHILE: In the face of the coronavirus pandemic,

the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (SERNAPESCA) reports that it has established a remote control and certification modality for fishing landings in the Biobío region.

"For the industrial fleet that continues its operations on jack mackerel, common hake and crustaceans, an equivalent certification method has been established that involves checking data on weighings and species. Meanwhile, for the artisanal fleet that will begin to catch and land common sardine and anchovy from this Thursday 26, a certification without physical accreditation will be established," said Claudio Báez, regional director of SERNAPESCA.

"This means that we maintain remote surveillance on a continuous basis with all our control systems, and wewill issue a certification in the traceability system. If at any time our analyzes show findings of irregularities, we proceed to exhaustive review and verification," he said.

From SERNAPESCA they indicated that they maintain shifts 24/7 with remote work for this type of certification. In addition, inspectors carry out ethical shifts with restricted hours.

Assistance for fishing registration, export certifications and other procedures is being given online, and users are asked to go to offices as little as possible to protect against the pandemic.

Claudio Báez called on the owners of fishing vessels "to comply with the regulations to protect the sustainability of these fisheries, which are so strategic for the country's economy. Likewise, to protect their health and that of their crews, respecting the indications of the Fishing Tasks Protocol for Covid-19 established by the Undersecretariat of Fisheries in order to sanitize the ships before setting sail, do temperature control, use safety equipment, maintain distance, among other issues."

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