Tropical storm 'Narda' destroys three shrimp farms in the state of Colima

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Monday, 07 October 2019 08:49

Mexico: Three of the most important shrimp farms in the state,

located in Tecomán and Manzanillo, suffered total losses due to Hurricane “Narda,” said Secretary of Rural Development, Agustín Morales when assessing the damage left by this meteorological phenomenon. He mentioned that they were just calculating the damage that hurricane “Lorena” left on banana plantations, a week ago, when hurricane “Narda” arrived to deepen the damage, leaving 1,600 hectares of this crop damaged in the Manzanillo area, and this time in the area of Cerro de Ortega, in the municipality of Tecomán, not yet quantified.

He said that drought damage was reported to the Federal Government, "a curious thing", in communities of the municipality of Colima such as Tinajas, Tepames, El Amarradero, El Vado, in corn cultivation, so they also request support from the Disaster Fund Natural (Fonden) for these producers. He stressed that the problem is very serious for the state shrimp producers because a lagoon was generated in areas adjacent to the farms and this caused the shrimp to leave and production to be lost.

Morales Anguiano said that in Cerro de Ortega it rained up to 300 millimeters in a couple of hours, which left effects on roads, agricultural infrastructure, so he accompanied Governor Ignacio Peralta on his tour of the damaged places, since the field was the most harmed with these phenomena. He stressed that they have until October 21 to deliver the new report of damages for "Narda". "We are doing that, we do not know how much the Fonden can help us, but because it is major incident, we are asking them to provide us with several schemes."

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